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Hincklease Muni-Flex™ Benefits

Hincklease has been a specialty provider to municipalities and government sectors since 1977.  As a family owned business catering to small and medium sized municipal fleets, we can tailor a lease program that specifically meets the ever-changing demands of various departments within the government sector.  From complex Public Works equipment and vehicles to the most basic vehicles for administrative use, our philosophy remains the same:  To provide you with the best value available at the time and customer service to match.  We understand the complexities of municipal fleet management and budgeting and can design a program that ensures your fleet remains state of the art, keeps downtime at a minimum and remains cost effective.

Options, Options, Options

  • Funding for vehicles and upfits

  • Maintain consistency of costs from year-to-year

  • Newer, safer fleet

  • Ability to lock in costs for multiple years

  • More modest budget requests, less likely to be trimmed

  • Frees up capital for other needed expenditures

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