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Flexible and creative terms customized to your organization's unique needs.

If you have never utilized the talents and expertise of a business partner like Hincklease, you are in for a welcome change! Unlike the consumer structured lease finance packages you typically find at your local New Car dealer or with your Banking partner, Hincklease listens to, and understands, what you really need.  Our team of experts then tailor a lease proposal that fully accommodates those needs, including higher mileage usage, special equipment, and multiple locations and drivers.  All easily accessible through your Hincklease relationship representative.

Some Fleet users enjoy and  relish the prospect of specifying, shopping, locating,  and upfitting just the right fleet vehicle at the dealership.  If you are not among that group, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Finding just the right vehicle in the price and equipment range that fits your needs can be arduous and disappointing.  Every dealer has its own processes and requirements that are frequently NOT business considerate.  When the hassle and time that these efforts take are tossed in with paying too much, it's no wonder that our clients would much rather let us manage the acquisition process for vehicle replacement or additions to fleet.

Hincklease acquires thousands of vehicles for some of the best operators in business,  across the United States.  The buying process once established, can be as easy as a text or phone call to your Hincklease relationship leasing specialist.  We take the time to learn about your organization's specific requirements, likes, dislikes, and help you set clear vehicle specification guidelines that allow you to acquire the best car, truck or van for the intended application at pricing that frequently improves incentives and discounts by 50% or more.  We can show you how planning for replacements and additions a few weeks prior to the actual need (many times by ordering the vehicles instead of stock buying) will save you hundreds, and many times, thousands of dollars in initial acquisition costs.  And with your participation with us in the best fleet planning,  you will ALWAYS get exactly the right product, with everything you want, and NOTHING you don't need.  We frequently will have work ready vehicles on hand in many of the most popular specifications.

Using our Fleet sourcing services, will also help you with driver morale.  Fleet buyers who invest the time to standardize vehicle specifications with Hincklease, avoid the uncomfortable discussions with employees about why one driver's vehicle is equipped differently than another.  We also frequently discover that certain options, drive-trains, and trim levels which may not be necessary for your application actually significantly enhance resale values and actually reduce holding costs.  Your drivers in many cases can be driving a much nicer vehicle than is required for similar or even less expense than lower equipped vehicles.  Again, a visit with your Hincklease fleet specialist will help us make the very best recommendation to you, from both a need and a cost basis consideration.

Another reason that Hincklease & our dealership Wasatch Fleet will save you money and hassle, is our excellent incentive packages we establish each year with several major vehicle manufacturers and fleet dealers.  Our vehicle providing partners know and trust us to make great fleet decisions, and to buy large volumes of their products.  They go out of their way to assure we get you, our client the very best product for pricing that satisfies even the most Thrifty CFO.

Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your company’s fleet.

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