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Fleet resale values are often overlooked as a key factor in the total cost of owning company vehicles.

Fleet disposal, leasing, and management

Earn the highest possible resale value for your fleet vehicles by putting Hincklease team of experts to work for you. Our network of buyers is one of the largest in the industry, giving your vehicles optimal market exposure to maximize returns.

Trust our buying and selling experience to help create a vehicle replacement plan calculated to get the most out of your vehicles. 

Our team will handle all aspects of the fleet vehicle resale process, including transport, vehicle prep, negotiating the sale, pick up your location condition reports, and all the paperwork involved. A simple fleet disposal service designed to maximize value with the quickest possible turnaround time.

Our network of buyers helps sale your vehicles fast for higher returns.

The scale of our network allows us to quickly get your vehicles to the right buyers at the right time.

We'll handle all negotiations on the resale of your fleet.

Representation at auctions ensures your vehicles are in optimal condition and results in vehicles sold for more money the first time through the auction lane.

Our experts specialize in getting the most for your vehicles.

Our remarketing experts arrange transportation, strategically recondition vehicles, establish market values, set target price and manage the sale.

Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your company’s fleet.

(801) 433-4599

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