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  • Cash is King!
    Financial experts agree, use your cash for operating capital to maintain and grow your existing business if you have cost effective option for funding depreciating assets like vehicles. A commercial vehicle lease through a commercial vehicle lessor, does that for you.
  • Pay only for what you use
    An operating lease through a commercial vehicle lessor, allows you to pay only for what you are using. This is because an operating commercial lease has a residual value at lease termination. Your monthly cost is for the depreciation and interest, instead of the whole vehicle cost. This will save you a significant amount of cash monthly verses a typical bank or credit union loan.
  • Defer tax expenses whenever you can
    If your company operates in a taxable jurisdiction (most do!), You should be able to avoid paying the upfront sales tax you would pay on a purchase (can be $thousands), by using a commercial vehicle lessor. That is because you pay use tax on the monthly payment amount, rather than on the full purchase amount of the vehicle. (you should consult with your CPA in your area for all tax advice).
  • Improve your fleet planning
    A commercial vehicle lease can be structured to give you a simple means of disposing of your fleet. The more you tell your Commercial vehicle Lessor representative about how, and how much you use your vehicles, the better they can assist you in determining when the best time is to dispose that asset. And the beauty is, you don't have to do the remarketing, leave it to experts who know the best ways to sell that truck.
  • Downtime and repair expenses can kill client relationships and profit margin
    Most companies who don't lease hold vehicles beyond their valuable useful life cycle. That often means broken down trucks and drivers idled which can cost you valuable business. Conversely, a commercial vehicle lease if set up properly moves the asset out of service before it becomes a liability. And while leasing doesn't mean you will never have repairs or downtime, it will add discipline to your fleet operations, which out-fleets vehicles in many cases before these breakdowns occur.
  • Who enjoys shopping and negotiating for new fleet vehicles?
    A great connection with a competent Fleet Lessor, means that you can relax about finding the best vehicle for the best deal, whenever you have a need. A great Fleet lessor already has work trucks on hand or located with the best possible fleet pricing pre-arranged. You can pick up the phone and often get what you need delivered within a short amount of time. No wasted time on retail vehicle showrooms, going through the sales mill. And the price you get, is usually significantly better than you would have gotten negotiating with the local dealer. Your fleet vehicle lessor, knows the key fleet players with the manufacturer. They can and will take the hassle out of your company vehicle search/buying process.
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